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We offer three different hanging systems for your giant art print.

Command Strips are a patented "velcro-like" hanging system that does not mark or damage walls.  One piece affixes to the wall with a patented gum adhesive. The other piece is placed on the back of your print.  We use Command strips only on lightweight prints. 

Hanger Bars are a very secure system for heavy wall hangings.  There are two interlocking acrylic bars. One is affixed to the back of the print at the factory.  The other is for you to affix to your wall (be sure to make it level!) with screws.  (We include two drywall screws to help.)  Hanger bars are very strong and are used for heavyweight prints. 

Stainless Steel Stand-Offs are a set of four cylindrical brackets that hold the print so that it apears to "float" an inch from the wall surface.  One bracket goes on each corner of the print. We include a set of drywall screws and anchors to help you install.  Stand-Offs will hold all weights of prints.