Benefits of Sports Awards and Trophies
Due to inflation, job insecurity, the rising cost of living, and stagnated wages, employees today work much harder for far less. So what’s wrong with rewarding them with a few trophies for their extra efforts in these tough times? To find out why sports awards are not a bad thing, check out the information below. 

They Encourage Athletes 

Of course, one of the main benefits of sports trophies is the motivation they provide. They encourage athletes to participate in order to win something that makes them feel recognized and good. The ability to work toward something and earn a result increases an individual’s self-efficacy — or their belief in their own ability. Even low-cost medallions are great confidence boosters.

They Promote Diligence 

The promise of a sports award helps seal some athletes’ commitment to their demanding sports schedules. It can even help them be more diligent in working with the team. A trophy helps athletes set a goal and work toward that goal, with goal completion being the true purpose, and a great skill to learn. They can clearly see the end goal when an award is involved, make it a more clear objective to work toward. 

They Provide Feedback 

Feedback is one of the most important facets of both sports and job training. Too much negative feedback can be very discouraging and create a negative effect and association for the person receiving it. Feedback must balance the positive with the negative. Sports awards are one way to provide positive feedback. They let the athlete know that their efforts did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. A coach is better able to describe expectations when there is a specific award involved. As a result, the athlete knows how to ask for feedback in their progress more specifically as they work toward the goal of winning the award. 

They Can Celebrate Diversity 

There does not just need to be a single trophy or award for the fastest or strongest athlete. Other sports awards, like the Most Valuable Player (MVP), can help highlight other strengths that are important in an athlete. If the coach is wise, he can create a few different trophies to highlight other valuable attributes. For example, best attendance can highlight the importance of timeliness for a commitment. Or, team trophies enhance the value of working with others. Websites like offer unique designs that may suit any purpose.