5 Ways to Celebrate in the Winner's Circle
Winning big games is a great feeling. Every team sets out to have a successful season and end up in the winner’s circle. But once you get there, how do you celebrate the accomplishment? Celebrations are important, but it can be hard to come up with something fun and creative to do that will highlight your team as a whole. We understand this challenge, and we’re here to help you create a memorable experience for everyone! 

Read on for five awesome ways that you can celebrate your team after big wins.
  1. Throw a Party.  One easy way to celebrate is with a party. They’re affordable and are a great way for everyone to let loose and have a good time after working so hard. They don’t have to be over the top, all you really need is good food, music, and your teammates.
  2. Winner’s Circle Banquet.  Another way to show your appreciation is with a formal banquet. This can be an opportunity for players to get dressed up and hear speeches from their coaches and teammates about everyone’s contributions. Awards can also be distributed to each teammate at the event. These awards can symbolize a special attribute and showcase just how valuable each person is to the team.
  3. Create a Hall of Fame.  After making it to the winner’s circle, it’s a nice idea to create a hall of fame or trophy room in your practice facility or locker room. It shows how everyone’s hard work helped get to that winning moment and can even act as a great motivator for seasons to come. It’s also important because it leaves behind a legacy for the next generation and establishes a winning DNA for the franchise.
  4. Inspiring Video. Videos are a sentimental way to show your teammates how much they mean to you. It can be something short with a few words of appreciation, or a full-length production with highlights and comments from friends, family, coaches, and teammates. The video can congratulate them on the huge accomplishment and encourage them to continue striving for greatness. It may be a small gesture to some, but for others it means the world to hear how proud their loved ones and team are of them.
  5. Time Off.  If you’re running on a tight budget but still want to celebrate a big win, what better way to do that then with some time off. For many people, that’s all they really even want is to be able to rest and not worry about games or practice. Time off is a great celebration because it allows time for restoration and recovery and it feels even better when the time was well earned. You can even take it a step further and gift everyone with keychains or logo jewelry so that think of you while they are recuperating. 

Celebrations after big games are important because they establish camaraderie and inspire people to work harder. There are several ways to show appreciation whether it be through a backyard party or with trophies made by Trophyman. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate being in the winner’s circle, just make sure you do it!