Participation Trophies: Yes, Give Them!
People love to hate on participation trophies. Many view this practice as something that can cause kids and adults to feel entitled. They believe they will lose motivation to actually compete. But this just isn’t true. 

There are many examples of events in our lives that are marked by praising our participation. Giving out participation trophies can actually boost motivation to participate and to try your best. Still need convincing? These are the top three reasons to consider giving your kids participation trophies for your next event! 
  1. Adult Participation Trophies. Giving kids participation trophies seem to be a big debate. But there are many examples of adult events where every participant is given a medal. Races often feature participation medals, t-shirts, or other themed gear to get people excited about showing up. These tokens of completion promote a sense of camaraderie as well. Participation trophies give kids and adults a sense of belonging within their team or even just with the others who also completed an activity. These type of medals help unify people in individual style events like running into feeling more like a team.   
  2. Reward Kids for Trying New Things. People often argue against participation trophies because they reward kids even if they did the bare minimum. However, there are tons of kids who love to participate in sports and other events that they may not necessarily be naturally talented at. Rewards can improve their motivation to stick with a new activity. Keep your kids interested in new activities with trophies or other physical reminders of their dedication to a task. Give out participation trophies to kids who just can’t get the hang of an activity. You just might help keep them out of trouble in the long term. They also learn the value of sticking with something they don’t like to do.
  3. Use Other Mementos to Promote Participation You don’t always have to give a literal trophy to everyone who participated in an event or team. Give kids different types of keepsakes. Themed lapel pins, zipper pulls, or keychains are something tangible that kids can hold onto as they grow up. It helps them remember their accomplishments and the fun they had. 
Check out these examples of other gifts and trophies that can be given now. Interesting types of trophies or awards can spark conversation for kids that have them on display. They can kick off questions and encourage your kid to talk about themselves. It gives them a chance to share their accomplishments with new friends and people. 

Trophies Offer Inspiration and Support 

Giving kids trophies or other mementos from their time on a team or at a certain event is not a bad call. It is important to recognize your kid’s hard work even if they didn’t come out on top. It’s important to support your kids no matter what.