5 Unique Employee Recognition Ideas for Your Business
Are you looking for different ways to give your hard-working employees the recognition that they deserve? Do you want to break free from the cliche "employee of the month" awards or your company's equivalent of the "Dundies" awards? If so, then you need to look through unique employee recognition awards to make the most of the situation. 

Your employees' hard work should never go overlooked. Be sure to create a unique employee award that people will all aspire to win during their tenure. See below for several employee recognition examples you can use to find that unique prize they'll all strive for.
  1. Customized Acrylic Trophies. These days, only a few businesses are actually taking the time to hand out awards to their hard-working employees. Of those that do, 9 out of 10 of them use the stereotypical "bowling trophy" style with the gold businessman on top of it. Not only are those awards completely outdated, but they're also virtually worthless in your staff's eyes. Those trophies require almost zero effort on your part. You simply walk in, use the same trophy as everyone else, and write a small message on it. If you truly want to show your staff how much you appreciate their efforts, then you should consider acrylic trophies for your award ceremony. You can customize them to be made in the shape of your company logo, have your logo placed on them, as well as any message that you'd like to personalize. They give off a luxurious and high-quality look that your workers will drool over. Better yet, these trophies look amazing in any setting. Your employees can show them off on their desk, their bookshelf at work, or in their at-home office. Once you hand these out to your best workers, all your other employees will work harder to win one.
  2. Install a Point System. If you truly want to reward hard work, then your company should be forward-thinking on how to celebrate both the big and small wins. For example, one of your salesmen or saleswomen might be projected to hit $500,000 in sales this year, but what are you doing to celebrate the increments? Is their entire year a failure in your eyes if they don't end up hitting $500,000 for the year? If you don't find a way to celebrate the small victories, then that might be the message you're sending to your workforce. For that reason, it's important to create a perpetual plaque to keep score. These plaques will keep track of every incentive you are offering: an extra vacation day, free lunch, a weekend vacation, tickets to the local sports team's next home game, and so on. You set the rewards. You set the points and timelines that your workers need to hit in to win them. Be sure to make them challenging, yet not so far-fetched that an employee would give up hope of achieving it.
  3. Quarterly Golf Outings. Do you have an office filled with golf enthusiasts? Are you looking for more ways to get your staff outside the office to build morale? If so, then a golf outing is the perfect solution! If you have a larger company, then set the guidelines for the golf outing. What criteria do your employees have to meet to be invited to that quarter's round of golf? For example, if you have a sales staff of 20 people, then you might consider inviting the 3 highest-producing workers of that quarter to go out with you. Even if they don't golf, they'll enjoy the chance to get outdoors and escape the office for the day. Better yet, you can kick things up a notch by creating a custom silver tray trophy for anyone that gets to go on the golf outing. Not only do they have memories from the outing, but they also have some hardware to take home with them as well!
  4. Hold a Weekly Wins Meeting. Not all hard work has to be rewarded with individual trophies. Some workers want their fellow coworkers to acknowledge all the hard work that they've done. That's why it's always helpful to hold what is called a "weekly wins" meeting with your entire staff. If you have a larger company, then you can have each department hold their own separate one throughout the day. A weekly wins meeting is the chance for you to open up the floor and have your employees share the love with one another. If they've noticed a coworker going the extra mile, they can shout them out and give them the appreciation they deserve. The "weekly winner's" name can then be memorialized on a perpetual plaque.
  5. Deck Them Out in Swag. Employees are always happy to receive new swag with your company's logo on it. It's like a badge of honor that they wear wherever they go, as well as free marketing for your brand! If your workers didn't like the brand that you've created, then they wouldn't work for you. Be sure to reward their hard work by giving them custom wine glasses, coasters, dog tags, or keychains. Save the big-ticket items (such as crystal vases) to reward employees that have been working extra hard. 
Use These Employee Recognition Examples to Your Benefit

Now that you have seen several amazing employee recognition examples that you can use, you need to adopt the best ideas for your company. Be sure to surf the Trophyman.com website and see how they can help you find the right award for your employees. For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact page and we will be happy to assist you further.